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                      Information for Prospective Members


Interested musicians can contact our personnel director at about auditioning.  Auditions for our next season will take place in late August 2024.  We will have an ongoing need for string players in all sections, especially violas, cellos, and basses; auditions are low-key and are an opportunity to get an idea about a player's overall ability. The candidate will prepare an excerpt from a prepared piece, no more than three minutes in length, that demonstrates tone quality and general playing ability.  The excerpt should contain both some fast and slow tempi, and more than one piece may be chosen to demonstrate different tempi if needed.  The candidate will also be prepared to play a scale as follows:


Violin--3 octave G major

Viola and Cello--3 octave C major

Double Bass--2 octave G major

Each player auditioning will also be given a brief sight-reading passage.


For interested woodwind, brass, and percussion players, all these positions are currently filled, but we invite you to contact the personnel director for specific audition requirements to be placed on our substitute list.  We regularly call from our substitute list to fill in for rehearsals and concerts, and when a regular position becomes available, players are taken from this list.  We also sometimes require extra players for some concerts, so you are encouraged to audition in order to be on our list.


Note that commitments are always made on a per-concert basis since we realize that some players may not be able to commit to every concert each season.




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